Roti Bank

Roti Banks India रोटी बैंक

Our Aim:

Roti Bank India primary aim is to satiate the hunger of people. To attain this goal, our team is purely dedicated to the service of poor and needy people. We believe that one day we will finally reach a stage where no one is devoid of basic food at least twice a day.

You too can help us in our initiative by providing food materials at your nearest Roti Bank India foundation. We collect left-over and excess food from the houses and function to provide food to the starving people. So join our team by making a small contribution towards the betterment of people.

Our Presence in India:

Now, Indian People have started Roti-Bank in various cities across the country. These centers help us to reach an increased number of people that require our assistance. The Roti-Bank initiative is currently operational in following cities of India:

  • ·          Delhi.
  • ·          (Jharkhand)Hazaribagh.
  • ·          Uttar Pradesh (Mahoba).
  • .            Mumbai
  • .            Lucknow
  • .            Kanpur
  •              Panjab
  • .            Other Cites

Millions in India facing hunger during COVID-19 lockdown measures

  • Millions of Indians who have been without work for weeks are facing hunger as the country battles the coronavirus outbreak.
  • The most vulnerable are daily wage earners, contract workers and migrant labourers who have been without work and earnings since the country was shut down on 25 March.
  • Hundreds of men, women and their children have been waiting in the blazing sun for a precious meal in Gurgaon on the outskirts of the Indian national capital Delhi.
  • In these times, stocked refrigerators and safe shelters are big blessings to have. However, not everyone has the means for this. The 21-day nationwide lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus in India has affected the livelihood of thousands of people. While slum dwellers and daily wage workers are struggling to earn their daily bread, migrant labourers have also been left without work, with some having walked back to their hometowns.
  • Several state governments, including that of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, and Himachal Pradesh, have already launched relief funds to help those in need. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also announced a special package amounting to Rs 1.7 lakh crore for the same purpose. But, it is not just the government which is stepping forward, a slew of non-governmental organisations across the country are charging ahead to alleviate the conditions.