Roti Bank in Hyderabad

One of the top cities of India, Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana and home to some of the biggest companies. But the other aspect of the city is a huge chunk of population that is even deprived of the food and shelter. There are many people in Hyderabad that are not having access to regular meals and are forced to sleep with empty stomach.
The need of the hour now is to help these people and provide them with food that can satiate their quench. Angels foundation, a self help group is looking to set up Roti Bank in Hyderabad that will help these people by providing them with food. The foundation will set up food camps in different regions of the city to help the poor and hungry people.
We are also looking for your support to provide food to these people. You can help us out by providing food items especially the leftover food in parties. Additionally, you can also start these food camps in your region as well under the banner of Angels foundation and do the good of feeding the hungry and needy people of your city.