Roti Bank in Pune

About Pune

Pune is widely known as India’s second most important IT hub and the country’s most significant automobile and manufacturing hub. As the city spurs numerous educational institutions, it is also regarded as the Oxford of the East. Pune is one of the most famous cities in India. It is a sprawling city in Maharashtra.

Pune is famous for dishes such as pav bhaji, vada pav, poha, street dosa, and many more.

Pune is filled with love and laughter, with the spirit of a developed city.

Our concern 

As hard as it is to believe, even in a wonderful city like Pune, where people from all over the country visit to rejoice, there are still people who sleep on the pavements, with no money and a starving family waiting be fed. While we’re celebrating life at gatherings and parties, these underprivileged members of our society have no option but to resort to begging.

Our aim

We aim to make sure all the people living in Amritsar go to sleep with a full stomach. We urge you to eradicate hunger from this city and do the least by providing everyone with a meal, to have the energy to get through the day. We want to build a community of our fellow citizens, to help those in need.

How does Roti Bank help?

We as a community, of our selfless and diligent members, act as a bridge between people who have surplus food, and people who have a scarcity of food. During festivities in Pune, along with joyous celebrations, often there is a surplus of food, which goes to waste. Roti Bank collects this leftover food and gives it to the poor and the needy.

Even in marriages, parties, birthdays, or family gatherings, no amount of food is less,

Every bite makes a difference.

How can you donate?

There are two ways in which you can bring a change and donate food to the poor.

  1. You can contact us to collect leftover food from your doorstep. This food will be given to the hungry children and people in the city.
  2. You can also donate us a sum of money, from which food will be purchased for the poor, without a single penny going into our own pockets.

We aspire to make progress, not profits.

Our Plead

Don’t let food go to waste, feed a hungry stomach. We plead with you all to join forces and gather together as one big community helping out those in need. After all, we are the future of the country, and we decide its course. Let’s strive to work towards the betterment.

Don’t let anyone die because of food scarcity, donate food when you’re in Pune city!