Roti Bank in NCR

Without a jaded shaded of doubt, the NCR region is the most developed region in the north India. But at the same time, a bitter truth is that the area has most number of slums and a vast population is even deprived of proper meal. Even though the government is making some efforts to eradicate this problem but it is time we shall come together to support these people with proper meals.

We, the Angels foundation are looking to start a chain of Roti banks with help from the helping people of the area to make sure that we can provide food to the destitute. We are going to start our first Roti bank in NCR that will help the hungry people to have proper food.

How can you help?

You can do your bit in our campaign by providing us with the leftover food to serve these people and you can also get to start your own Roti Bank NCR by collaborating with us. Here are the sources that you can get to use to connect with us and join us in this campaign: