Roti Bank in Bangalore

The IT city of India is one of the biggest and most developed cities in India with all software giant’s having their center here. But amidst all the limelight of the city, there is still a part of population which is forced to sleep with empty stomach. We, the Angels foundation are looking to bring a silver lining in the life of these people by starting our Roti Bank in Bangalore that will aim to serve all the poor and starving people.
Our Roti bank will provide food to each and everyone without any discrimination based on the caste, religion, creed and culture. We will try to make sure that we can open different centers so that we can serve a bigger population in the city. We are also looking to collect leftover food from the parties and households so that we can serve the population with ease.
You can also help us in this cause by providing us with the leftover or organizing food camps in your region under the banner of Angels foundation and make sure that you are providing food to a few needy people.