Roti Bank in Chennai:

One of the most developed cities of India, the city of Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu and many people from different parts of India come here to earn their bread and butter. Being a metropolitan, the city is filled with towering building and beaches but the sad part as with almost every Indian city is that there are still plenty of people here who are deprived of bread and butter.
Angels foundation, a nongovernmental organization is looking to help these people by starting Roti bank in Chennai that will provide food to these people. We will start food fests in different areas of the city with an aim to feed as many people as possible.
How you can contribute:
You can also participate in our mission to make everyone have bread and butter by joining us as a volunteer. You can help us out by collecting food from different households and parties or organize the camps by yourselves to feed the poor and needy people. You can also contribute by providing us with the leftover food from your house to make sure that no one sleeps without having food in their stomach.