Roti Bank in Hazaribagh

Our Mission:

Under the shade of Naxalism in the area, we have started an initiative to make sure no one is starved in the city. The Roti bank in Hazaribagh has aimed at providing food to al the starved and poor people in this part of our country. We hope to start some new Roti-Banks in other localities of Hazaribagh and also some of other backward cities.

Our Functions:

We collect food from various homes, schools and colleges. With the help of this food, we serve the needs of more than 100 people. Our volunteers go to various schools and colleges and make a request to everyone to donate some food to the organization. We want to make people aware about this campaign so that the kind-hearted people of city will help us in our campaign.

How can you help?

You can also help us in our campaign by providing us with whatever capacity of food you can arrange. It will be a great help in extending our campaign.