Roti bank in Kolkata

The city of Joy as it is fondly known is one of the biggest cities in India and capital of the state of West Bengal. The city is quite famous for its food especially the sweet dishes and many tourists come here to have a taste of these dishes.
But a sad fact is that on side, there are so many varieties of dishes available here, there is a chunk of population that has no access to food. Angels foundation, a self help group is looking to bring a silver lining in the life of these people by starting their Roti Bank in Kolkata that will provide food to hungry and needy people.
We are looking to create a group of volunteers that can collect food from different areas and feed them at the food camps. You can also join our group as a volunteer and earn the sacrosanct of feeding the poor and needy people. You can also organize the camps on your own and provide food items to the hungry and destitute in your city.