Roti bank in Mumbai

The commercial capital of India is also known as the city of dreams and many come here to fulfill their dreams. The city is without a jaded shade of doubt the most developed city in India but at the same time, it is also having a great population which cannot even have a meal a day. There are many families that live under the poverty line and do not have food to eat and even some of them strive to death.
The Angels foundation is looking to come up with Roti Bank in Mumbai that will provide food to the striving people. We are looking to start not only one Roti bank but a chain of Roti banks in different regions of the city to help as many people as possible.
How you can participate:
You can also participate in our initiative to help the poor by joining as a member of us or start a Roti bank in any region under the banner of Angels foundation. We look forward for your help and support to make sure that we can provide food to everyone in Mumbai.