A helping Hand to the poor-The Roti banks

A helping Hand to the poor-The Roti banks

The Roti bank was set up as an experiment by the four youngsters of Aurangabad to help the poor and save them from starvation. They collected two Rotis from each house in their area and with the collected food they served for the starving.

But as we say, Goodness is fuel that keeps on running, in the same way this effort has now spread in all the cities of India. People from all the regions are doing their bit through this Roti-Bank campaign to save people from starvation.

Mumbai Dabbawalas a great asset in this effort:

Mumbai dabbawalas have made great contribution to the Roti bank, they ask for the people to provide extra Rotis when they pack dabbas for their dear ones. They all collect those extra rotis and use them to save people from the starvation. This helps a substantial number of poor people to get food for them.

Roti bank: An effort above all differences

The best thing about the Roti banks is that it believes in serving the starving people without asking for their caste or religion. The Roti Bank believes in serving the humanity above all the self-made differences based on religion, creed, color or the region.