Roti Bank-An Indigenous Unit to feed the Poor

The Roti-Bank is a self-group that is especially dedicated towards feeding the poor and needy people. The members of the group collect the left-over’s from various families and distributes them amongst the poor people.

The group specially targets the parties and events where there is too much wastage of food. They contact the party organizers and ask for the food that is to be garbaged. They collect that food and give to the poor people.


Roti-bank in India:

 India’s first indigenous Roti bank was set up by a group of four-friends in the Aurangabad. They asked for the rotis from various families across the city and then with those collected rotis they provide food to the people who need it.

It was just a small group up till then but with the help of social media, it has spread like a fire and various cities are now having roti-banks on the same format. Various social bodies and huge-hearted human being have banked upon this method to feed the poor.

No discrimination in Roti-bank:

The Roti-bank is above the discrimination based on caste, creed and color. Poor People from different castes, religions and regions eat together in Roti-Banks with love and affection.