Roti Bank in Mahoba

What is this Roti-Bank?

Roti-Bank in Mahoba is first of its type. We are a group of hard-working and committed individuals that are dedicated towards this social cause. With the help of our team, we currently provide food to nearly 400 people every day.

How this Roti-bank works:

 Our volunteers collect food from the homes in the city. With the help of the food that we collect, we prepare meals for poor and feed them regularly. In our organization, we cater meals to people from all religions and sects without any discrimination. Any starved or poor can come to us and we will offer them with meals.

How you can help:

You can also help us in our initiative by making your contribution. You can provide us with food or money that we will use to serve the needy people. For more, visit the city office of Roti-Bank in Mahoba.