Roti Bank in Uttar Pradesh

Our Vision:

The Roti Bank in Uttar Pradesh caters food to 400 peoples of the Bundelkhand region. Currently, they have started operations in the various districts of the Bundelkhand area where thet provide meals to the destitute. We have aspiration to set-up Roti- Banks in all districts of Uttar Pradesh that will guarantee all the poor peoples of the state the right to meal and help then satiate their quench.

Our Services:

We have a team of 45 committed individuals who give it their all to provide basic meals to at least 400 peoples in a day.  Our volunteer collect food from the houses in different localities of state and from that collected food only we provide meals to starving people. We don’t discriminate anyone on the basis of caste, creed or color and in our branches we cater food to everyone without asking for their religion or caste.