Roti Bank in Delhi

Roti Bank Branches:

The Roti-Bank has currently started its operations in various regions across the Indian Capital. The Roti-Bank in Delhi inaugurated its first branch in the Azadpur area. Within short period of time, we have opened our centres in various other localities like Govindpuri,   

What we do:

The primary aim of these centers is to provide the food to the starving poor guys. We provide food to almost all 400 people every day with our dedicated team members that are always ready for the service of humanity. You can also do your bit by helping us in our initiative. For opening a Roti-Bank in your area, you can contact us.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to open a Roti- Bank in every street of Delhi that can cater food to the destitute. We aim to provide meals to all the poor and needy people in the city. We believe in the fact that best way to serve the god is by serving the humanity and we are leaving no stone upturned to feed the starving people of Delhi.