Roti Bank in Kanpur

The city of Kanpur is without a jaded shade of doubt one of the most developed cities of Uttar Pradesh. The city is famous for its tall and lanky buildings and a traffic that makes it even tough for the best riders to ride their vehicle. But like all the big cities, amongst the tall and lanky buildings, there is a population that lives in the slums and does not even have proper food to eat. We, the Angles Foundation are looking to change things up in these areas by starting Roti Bank in Kanpur.

Our Vision:

Our vision is very simple which is to make sure that no one is hungry and has basic food which is why we are looking to start a chain of food banks under the name of Roti Bank. We are looking to work with the generous people of the city and associate with them to feed more and more people in the city with ease.

We are urging the individuals and groups in the Kanpur city to join us in this campaign and if you are one willing to do so, you can get in touch with through the following mediums:

Roti bank in Lucknow

Lucknow-The city of Nawabs is known for its big heart and its cultural value. It is often said that the Lucknowites are always willing to help others and make sure that everyone has his bread and better. But still, it is very unfortunate that there are still plenty of people in the city that are deprived of bread and butter.

Our Vision:

We, the Angels foundation are looking to start a chain of Roti Bank in Lucknow that will focus on feeding the poor and needy people from across the city. We are looking to make sure that no individual in the city goes to bed without having food.

Our services:

We are currently going to open a few centers in various parts of the city that will distribute food to the poor people without any kind of discrimination.  We are also looking to add up more and more members that are willing to help us by starting their own Roti Banks in various parts of the city.

How can you help?

You can help us in our campaign by starting the franchises of Roti bank in your area that will distribute food to the poor. For extending your helping hand, you can contact us on the following sources.

Roti Bank in Hazaribagh

Our Mission:

Under the shade of Naxalism in the area, we have started an initiative to make sure no one is starved in the city. The Roti bank in Hazaribagh has aimed at providing food to al the starved and poor people in this part of our country. We hope to start some new Roti-Banks in other localities of Hazaribagh and also some of other backward cities.

Our Functions:

We collect food from various homes, schools and colleges. With the help of this food, we serve the needs of more than 100 people. Our volunteers go to various schools and colleges and make a request to everyone to donate some food to the organization. We want to make people aware about this campaign so that the kind-hearted people of city will help us in our campaign.

How can you help?

You can also help us in our campaign by providing us with whatever capacity of food you can arrange. It will be a great help in extending our campaign.

Roti Bank in Delhi

Roti Bank Branches:

The Roti-Bank has currently started its operations in various regions across the Indian Capital. The Roti-Bank in Delhi inaugurated its first branch in the Azadpur area. Within short period of time, we have opened our centres in various other localities like Govindpuri,   

What we do:

The primary aim of these centers is to provide the food to the starving poor guys. We provide food to almost all 400 people every day with our dedicated team members that are always ready for the service of humanity. You can also do your bit by helping us in our initiative. For opening a Roti-Bank in your area, you can contact us.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to open a Roti- Bank in every street of Delhi that can cater food to the destitute. We aim to provide meals to all the poor and needy people in the city. We believe in the fact that best way to serve the god is by serving the humanity and we are leaving no stone upturned to feed the starving people of Delhi.

Roti Bank in Uttar Pradesh

Our Vision:

The Roti Bank in Uttar Pradesh caters food to 400 peoples of the Bundelkhand region. Currently, they have started operations in the various districts of the Bundelkhand area where thet provide meals to the destitute. We have aspiration to set-up Roti- Banks in all districts of Uttar Pradesh that will guarantee all the poor peoples of the state the right to meal and help then satiate their quench.

Our Services:

We have a team of 45 committed individuals who give it their all to provide basic meals to at least 400 peoples in a day.  Our volunteer collect food from the houses in different localities of state and from that collected food only we provide meals to starving people. We don’t discriminate anyone on the basis of caste, creed or color and in our branches we cater food to everyone without asking for their religion or caste.

Roti Bank in Mahoba

What is this Roti-Bank?

Roti-Bank in Mahoba is first of its type. We are a group of hard-working and committed individuals that are dedicated towards this social cause. With the help of our team, we currently provide food to nearly 400 people every day.

How this Roti-bank works:

 Our volunteers collect food from the homes in the city. With the help of the food that we collect, we prepare meals for poor and feed them regularly. In our organization, we cater meals to people from all religions and sects without any discrimination. Any starved or poor can come to us and we will offer them with meals.

How you can help:

You can also help us in our initiative by making your contribution. You can provide us with food or money that we will use to serve the needy people. For more, visit the city office of Roti-Bank in Mahoba.

Roti Bank-An Indigenous Unit to feed the Poor

The Roti-Bank is a self-group that is especially dedicated towards feeding the poor and needy people. The members of the group collect the left-over’s from various families and distributes them amongst the poor people.

The group specially targets the parties and events where there is too much wastage of food. They contact the party organizers and ask for the food that is to be garbaged. They collect that food and give to the poor people.


Roti-bank in India:

 India’s first indigenous Roti bank was set up by a group of four-friends in the Aurangabad. They asked for the rotis from various families across the city and then with those collected rotis they provide food to the people who need it.

It was just a small group up till then but with the help of social media, it has spread like a fire and various cities are now having roti-banks on the same format. Various social bodies and huge-hearted human being have banked upon this method to feed the poor.

No discrimination in Roti-bank:

The Roti-bank is above the discrimination based on caste, creed and color. Poor People from different castes, religions and regions eat together in Roti-Banks with love and affection.

A helping Hand to the poor-The Roti banks

A helping Hand to the poor-The Roti banks

The Roti bank was set up as an experiment by the four youngsters of Aurangabad to help the poor and save them from starvation. They collected two Rotis from each house in their area and with the collected food they served for the starving.

But as we say, Goodness is fuel that keeps on running, in the same way this effort has now spread in all the cities of India. People from all the regions are doing their bit through this Roti-Bank campaign to save people from starvation.

Mumbai Dabbawalas a great asset in this effort:

Mumbai dabbawalas have made great contribution to the Roti bank, they ask for the people to provide extra Rotis when they pack dabbas for their dear ones. They all collect those extra rotis and use them to save people from the starvation. This helps a substantial number of poor people to get food for them.

Roti bank: An effort above all differences

The best thing about the Roti banks is that it believes in serving the starving people without asking for their caste or religion. The Roti Bank believes in serving the humanity above all the self-made differences based on religion, creed, color or the region.